Families and Students

Under each topic area you will find a variety of resources such as informational handouts, research summaries, professional development tools, and curriculum materials designed to support caregivers, professionals, and individuals on the autism spectrum. Please use and share.

Teens walking at school

Supporting Communication and Social Skills

Various resources to support communication and social competence of adolescents on the autism spectrum

Student at locker

Supporting Independence and Behavior

Resources to support independence and adaptive behavior of adolescents on the autism spectrum

high school graduation

Supporting the Transition to Adulthood

Resources to support the transition to adulthood of adolescents on the autism spectrum

Boy and girl reading in library

Supporting Literacy

Resources developed to support reading comprehension of adolescents on the autism spectrum

Student at desk writing

Supporting Use of Evidence-Based Practices

Resources to support implementation of proven practices with adolescents on the autism spectrum

Girls playing basketball

Supporting Physical and Emotional Wellness

Resources to support physical and emotional health and wellness of adolescents on the autism spectrum

Thumbnail of Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism

A professional development series designed to provide middle and high school personnel with knowledge and evidence-based strategies to support their students on the autism spectrum. The series includes presentations, video clips, activities, and facilitator notes.

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What We Are Learning

A collection of resources about what we are learning from adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum, families, high schools, and communities in our study.