Supporting Independence and Behavior


A brief summary of an article about the research related to independence in adolescents on the autism spectrum.
This Autism at-a-Glance was designed to support high school staff and family members in promoting independence in daily living skills for adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum.

Training Materials

These assessments can be used to get multiple perspectives on student strengths, needs, and priorities across several domains.

Articles and Conference Presentations

This presentation offers an overview of the CSESA Program
An oral presentation from the APA 2015 conference in Toronto, Canada.
An oral presentation in the strand, Educational Strategies and Interventions for High School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, from the CEC 2015 conference in San Diego, CA.
A poster presentation at CEC 2014 on supporting independence and self-management
A manuscript in a special issue of Remedial and Special Education (Autism, Adolescence, and High School) about supporting independence in high school students with ASD.
An article in the magazine Autism Asperger's Digest Magazine about the need for building independence in high school students with ASD.
An oral presentation from the CEC 2016 conference in St. Louis, MO.
An oral presentation at the Texas Autism Research & Resource Center (TARRC) conference in Austin, TX.
A poster presentation from the DCDT 2016 conference in Myrtle Beach, SC.