Transition Planning for High School Students with ASD: Measuring Student, Parent, and Teacher Perspectives

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that the student be included in the development of educational plans that consider the postsecondary goals for the child and the related transition services needed. Currently there are few standardized measures designed to assess student goals and preferences, particularly students with autism spectrum disorders. The Secondary School Success Checklist (SSSC) is a new measure developed to allow students to describe their current skill level as well as rank their priorities for goal setting. The SSSC is designed to collect data from the perspective of multiple informants including the student, their parents, and the student’s teacher.


Smith, L. E., Szidon, K., Hume, K., Dykstra, J., Sideris, H, & Johnston, M. (March, 2016). Transition planning for high school students with ASD: Measuring student, parent, and teacher perspectives. Poster presentation at Gatlinburg Conference, San Diego, CA.