Year 2 Pilot Studies

Our Year 2 Pilot studies are now in full swing. We are working with school staff and students in 6 high schools across the country to implement different combinations of components from the full CSESA intervention.

The goals of the Year 2 Pilot studies are

  1. To look at how the CSESA components work in high schools
  2. To examine how the CSESA components impact students’ skills
  3. To explore how the CSESA components will be integrated into a comprehensive intervention program.

As we approach the midpoint of the school year, we are already thinking of ways that we can adapt the different components of the CSESA intervention to make them feasible and effective in high school settings.

CSESA Year 2 by the Numbers

  • 5 different CSESA components
  • 6 participating high schools
  • 43 students with ASD enrolled in the study
  • 58 school staff enrolled in the study