CSESA Foundations

Document to track the fidelity of CSESA coaching procedures
Document to track individual coaching sessions on evidence-based practices
Coaching manual for CSESA intervention study
Document to facilitate school-wide planning of CSESA components
Document to facilitate planning across target skills and interventions for individual students
Document to plan for Goal Attainment Scaling of individual student goals
This tool should be used to link the skills and behaviors identified as priorities for a student on the Secondary School Success Checklist with EBPs to be used to learn the skill or increase/decrease the skill or behavior.
The Secondary School Success Checklist (SSSC) is an evaluation of student skills in independence and behavior, transition, social competence, and academic skills completed by staff, families, and students.
This learning resource on Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) is developed for self-paced learning. The GAS training is available in Flash format. The training runs for 24 minutes and has audio narration.